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Natural Feet is a foot bath which is highly effective against foot sweat and odor problems. Natural Feet are tested and used on more than 500 people over a 3 year period with very positive effect!

Most of the test subjects were selected due to extreme problems with sweat and odor on the feet. 100% of test subjects got rid of odor problems and most of the testpersons got reduces sweat / wet feet back to normal levels. The main hospital in Norway (Rikshospitalet) estimates that between 55 and 58% of the world population has bacteria that makes the formation of butyric acid – which causes the smell of sweat.

Natural Feet prevents the formation of butyric acid that cause odors / foot-sweats odor by removing / neutralize the bacteria that create odor and keeps feet free of perspiration which is the breeding ground for bacteria. We see that the long time effect on most of the test persons are 4 to 6 months effect after each treatment. So we recommend treatment every 4 months to maintain dry odorless feet.

A package Natural Feet contains 3 bags to be used for foot baths 3 days in a row for best effect. Natural Feet contains no chemical substances and not aluminum. Our products contains only extracts from herbs, nuts and essential oils.

Simple and effective treatment:
1 bag Natural Feet mixed with as hot water as possible into a footbath. (40-42 degrees Celsius) Sit with your feet in the solution for about 30 minutes. Rinse and dry your feet. Important that the product be used over 3 consecutive days for best results.The same procedure can also be used by hand perspiration.

Some very few people may feel a slight stinging last minutes of footbath . This is normal and goes away as soon as you rinse your feet and are not dangerous. It is only the herbs and spices doing their job. SAVE MONEY! Natural Feet will make your shoes last longer. ( lot of people throw away their shoes because of bad odor)

Instructions for removing odor in shoes with Natural Feet.

All shoes that are without membrane and water resistant, can be treated by being soaked in a footbath. If it’s loose insoles, take them out before soaking, and place them in the footbath along with the shoes. Be sure to soak the entire shoe well and leave in the footbath for 2-3 hours.

Machinewash at 30 degrees with detergent and drie on heated floors in the bathroom or elsewhere. For boots and shoes with membrane, you can just pour the solution in your shoes and leave them for 2-3 hours. Remember to put shoes / boots in basins or similar in case they leak.

Pour out and add a little water and detergent and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse repeatedly and set to dry on heated floors in the bathroom or elsewhere.

The shoes will smell of spice in 1-2 weeks after treatment, because some herbs and spices are left in the shoes / boots. This also ensures that the odor take a long time to get back in the shoes. For best long term effect, make sure to treat feet and shoes in the same period.

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SAVE MONEY! Natural Feet will make your shoes last longer.

lot of people throw away their shoes because of bad odor

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