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How satisfied are you with Natural Feet?

I tried Natural Feet in November 2015 and it works just unbelievable. Now it’s March 31, 2016 and I notice that the odor is starting to come back , but it’s nothing compared to what I had before. My sweating is still reduced by 80-90%. Before I made wet footprints on the wooden floor after a working day . Today there are no marks on the wooden floor when I get home from work. Soon I will be taking a second treatment to keep sweat and odor away . Wonderful herbal and spice mix you have managed to mix together !
Søren Chr. Sandvold. Age: 49, Service Technician
After treatment with Natural Feet I have felt a marked improvement in the shoes I use. Especially my winter boots was at that stage that they were uncomfortable to have stored in the hallway . After treatment of my feet in the footbath I also treated my winter boots and let them stay a couple of hours in the footbath . Then I washed my boots in the washing machine and let them dry until the next day. The next day the stench was replaced by the smell of fresh herbs and boots has been fine all winter.
Elaine Korsmoe Age: 25, Economy Student
Natural Feet did wonders to my feet. From being embarrassed of bad odor when I take of my shoes, I no longer need to worry after a long days work. I tried Natural Feet over the course of three evenings in November 2015, and the effect is still there, even to this day three months later. In a short while I’ll be going for a second treatment with Natural Feet. I’ll just pop my feet in the foot-bath while i watch a TV-series. I recommend others to try the same.
Birgit Andrine Apenes Solem - Age: 43, College Lecturer, Høgskolen i Sørøst Norge
I have used Natural Feet and im incredibly happy about this product. I have struggled with foot odor and clammy feet. I had good improvement after just one day . After using Natural Feet 3 days in a row, my sweaty feet and the smell was completely gone. This lasted for six months before the smell and the sweat began to come back. Now I threat my feet again with a new round of footbath. I can really recommend Natural Feet to everybody who wants to get rid of foot odor and sweaty feet.
Wenche Oyraas: Age 39, General Manager Shoeday/Cityshoes Dikeveien Fredrikstad
I’ve used Natural Feet on my shoes that smelled pretty bad after using them every day at work.
Treated them as described on the Pharma Norway webpage and it worked just unbelievable. All odor disappeared and I could continue to use the shoes. And it saves money 🙂 Gotta say that im really satisfied with Natural Feet.
Hanne Hjornevik : Age 40 , Shopassistant Shoeday / Cityshoes , Dikeveien Fredrikstad
Working as a mechanic at a workshop and have struggled with very wet feet during one working day, the socks were soaking wet when I got home and it smelled bad .
Bought a box of Natural Feet and felt a big difference already after the first day with a 30-minute foot bath . After 3 days of natural feet in a hot footbath, the problem was completely gone.
The feet have remained dry and the smell is completely gone.
Treated also a pair of shoes that it had with bad odors in the footbath after I was done with the feet and the smell disappeared after treatment.
Can heartily recommend Natural Feet if you’re struggling with a lot of sweat on feet or odor , or both like me. Absolutely wonderful to finally have dry odorless feet and footwear )
Ole Jorgen Slensvik : Age 35, Mechanic
Have used 1 treatment (3 bags) of Natural Feet and i am very satisfied. Have now been 4 weeks after treatment and my feet still remains odorless and dry.
Having previously tried many different treatments, among other Stop24.
It unfortunately contains aluminum and also had to be applied on a daily basis.
A tube costs in Norway kr.130 and I needed 2 tubes per month.
None of the products I’ve used have lasted for a long period as Natural Feet, which is both cheaper in the long run and a better product for your health.
Natural Feet can be strongly recommended.

Tom Arild Larsen

Tom Arild Larsen : Age 55