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As long as we change people´s lives for the better

– our products has a value!


is a Norwegian company that strive to give you the best products in the field of herbal medicine, health food, skin care, foot care, cell renewal and more.

We use 100% natural ingredients (no chemicals) We have extensive experience in the study of how using natural products affect our health. Our expertise is based on natural ingredients, with knowledge of herbal medicine from around the world.

  • Ayurvedic principles is the world’s oldest medical system
  • Japanese Kampo system used in Japanese Hospitals
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Unani Tibb used in North Africa and the Middle East
  • Amazon Indigenous’ use of Plant Medicine
  • North America’s Native American medicine and European herbal medicine

We also possess knowledge of the effect of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals  importance in the body. We blend herbal medicine with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to bring out the best performance. We aim to have good prices for good products. Both unique and standardized products of high quality, with natural ingredients that provide increased power. 

herbal medicine, health food, skin care, foot care